I was overweight, my fitness has low, my cholesterol was high and I lacked motivation.  A friend took me to a group fitness session run by Louise at the beach one evening.  She combines fitness and nutrition and has a fantastic teaching technique.  Louise has an holistic approach to food and fitness and due to her guidance and encouragement I am eating better, my fitness level has increased, my posture has improved, I can run distances non stop and my cholesterol level has dropped.  My advice to you if you are thinking of working with Louise is to "Just do it!!"


I have been working with Food and Fitness by Louise for 3 months and I am noticing a big difference in energy levels. My husband used to always say he couldn’t get me out in an evening and I never felt like I wanted to go anywhere as I didn’t have the energy. I now play 9 holes/go to driving range/out for an evening without feeling like I can’t be bothered. I used to suffer with chronic bloating and pain during the time of the month but am noticing a real difference with less bloating and pain beforehand.


Louise has trained me in a small group setting for quite some time now. She is very knowledgeable and takes pride in what she does. I appreciate her understanding of the aging process and adjusting training according to my age and ability level. She takes time to explain the purpose and effects of an exercise. Her training sessions are tough but never boring. We have laughs and she even feeds us sometimes after the session. She is a great trainer and the only problem I have is not having enough time to train with her more often.


I have had two 1-1 sessions with Louise this week and I am thoroughly impressed with her attention to detail in terms of positioning and the personalised planning regarding my needs and goals. I have worked with many personal trainers here in Dubai and abroad and can assert that she is one of the best! I am really enjoying the sessions due to her encouragement, support and expertise.


I had the opportunity to be trained by Louise at our fitness camp in Estepona. Louise is the perfect example of a trainer. She is very professional and in the same time a loving and caring person. She really understands to push you to your limits. I can strongly recommend Louise as your personal trainer. 


I wanted to lose weight post having children, particularly around my stomach.  I also needed to improve my overall fitness and stamina in order to improve my performance in other sports, such as Netball. Louise is very approachable.  She understands the issues of women my age (in their 40s) and is flexible.  I felt stronger and fitter after just a few sessions.  Losing the belly will take a bit longer, however, I was suddenly able to do exercises that I couldn’t before and I quickly began to feel better in myself, which then made me want to keep going.


I wanted to improve my general fitness and wellbeing, I was out of shape and unfit. I felt very lethargic at work and I hoped regular exercise and a healthier diet would give me more energy and make me feel better. In addition I also hoped I would tone up, slim down and that my clothes would fit better. From working with Louise I know that she is highly efficient, organised and goal-orientated individual. She is also really supportive, kind, encouraging and caring. I felt that Louise believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself.  She leads a very positive lifestyle and her diet is healthy but realistic (carbohydrates are allowed). Louise is a role-model to me and she inspires me to lead a better life. Her optimism also aids me to achieve my own goals. I started to train 3 – 4 times a week with Louise. Firstly my general fitness and wellbeing improved, I had more energy at work and I felt great after work-outs. I could also run longer distances after a couple of weeks of training. After a few months I started to see changes in my body; I toned up and muscle definition was more visible. I felt a lot stronger and leaner and my clothes fitted better. After 6 months of training I have lost a stone, dropped a dress size and I have sustained my general fitness level.  Louise tailors the training program with the right level of challenge for my individual needs and to avoid injury. She is highly knowledgeable about food and fitness. The diet I follow is sustainable because I am never hungry and I do not have to cut food groups. It is not a quick fix but a lifestyle change that is easy to follow. I feel a lot healthier, more confident and have also seen great improvements with my physique. The results speak for themselves. Thank you Louise!


I was lucky enough to be Louise's client for a brilliant session in Estepona! Throughout our session Louise was incredibly personable, even giving delicious recipes to try. Louise made me feel confident whilst encouraging and pushing through more challenging movements! Highly recommend, detailed, passionate and very knowledgeable

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