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How to get your Food and Fitness back on Track at 40+.

November 20, 2018

You may think that the route to your food and fitness goal is linear and progressive along the linear week to week but you’d be wrong.  Regardless of your starting point whether you are a established athlete or a deconditioned beginner what we perceive the journey to be and what actually happens is different.

The graph below illustrates some key points:


Setting short term goals means the journey to where you want to be is divided into manageable chunks.

Progress is often significant in the initial weeks, motivation is high, it’s a new thing and your body is being exposed to new stresses.


Your journey to your food and fitness goals is much more than participating in 1-1 training 3 times per week.  Daily food choices, daily physical activity, quality of sleep are a few elements that have a huge impact on progression outside of your 1-1 time.


When the going gets tough and your progress starts to slow down, you feel less motivated and are on the down slope of the “U” this is often the time when you give up, sabotage what you have achieved so far, look for external quick fixes to the solution or simply not see the point. 

Having a down phase during any journey is part of the process but what practical strategies can  you put in place to avoid continuing on the downward slope:


Tip 1: Display the Facts and the Figures


Display your initial assessment and monthly progress reports from Food and Fitness by Louise on your fridge.

This shows the hard facts of your progress and if you are perceiving that you are not making progress the record of your Body Measurements, Body fat loss and Increase in Muscle Mass will show that you are.  The numbers can’t lie.


Tip 2: Re-visit your “Why”


Re-visit your “Why”, what was your motivation to begin your food and fitness journey and why are you doing this.  If you “Why” is to lose weight, again ask “Why” is it to feel more confident, improve your ability to play with your children and not get our of breath.  Your why is a key component to getting you back on track.


Tip 3: The 10% Rule.


During moments of struggle in your Food and Fitness journey its common to employ self-sabotage techniques and undo the work you have put in.  To avoid this, before you make take action that affects your Food and Fitness, ask yourself “Is this action going to get me 10% closer to my goal or 10% further away?”


Any journey has ups and downs and pushing though those challenging times is a contributing element to long term success and long-term sustainability of your food and fitness.


If you would like to learn how to get your Food and Fitness on track and learn how to achieve long term, sustainable results I am offering a special price of 3500 AED especially for you if you sign up and begin their food and fitness journey in the month of December. 


Contact Louise for details and Terms and Conditions:







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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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