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Which exercises can you do today to prevent lower back pain at 40+?

October 7, 2018

Did you know that lower back pain affects 80% of the UK population at sometime in their lives.  Its often non-specific and can be caused by issues related to the nerves, bones or muscles.


Lower back pain is often contradictory and can be due to several reasons including:

Inactivity which can result in the muscles that stabilise the back being weak. 


Injuries from lifting or twisting which often affect those in manual jobs such as builders.  Although an active job, the constant high repetitions and lifting of heavy loads often with poor technique can cause lower back pain.


Those in sedentary jobs sat at desks for long periods of the day.  The posture adopted when working can cause lower back pain and so its important to take breaks and walk around the office several times per day.


Often back pain shows as referred pain meaning the symptoms can be above the lower back or in the legs.



One of the key elements of exercise for lower back pain is to improve core stability and function.  Your core is not just your 6 pack, it includes all the muscles from our form our rectus abdominis to our gluteus maximus that work to allow us to stand up straight, balance, stabilise and move effectively and efficiently.



Using exercise as a method to prevent lower back pain, rehabilitate and prevent future back pain is a sensible option and one of the most effective in preventing re-occurrence.  


The first step is to integrate exercises that involve you standing up into your exercise routine. By being in a standing position we learn how to stabilise the body working against the forces of gravity, stand tall and stable and keep your balance. 


Often the warm up will be on the floor with exercises to stabilise the spine and it’s important that exercise plans integrate mobility drills that specifically target improving core stability.


Here are my  top 3 core stability exercises that you can do today to prevent lower back pain at 40+.




Number of times per week: Daily


Glute Bridge



Bird Dog




Dead Bug


If you’d like to find out more and work with Louise contact:

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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