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How to overcome the most common Food and Fitness mistakes at 40 years old.

September 9, 2018

When you approach 40 years old, your body does start to change.


At 35 years old your muscle mass starts to decline which has an impact on your metabolism and your ability to burn those calories.  Your hormones come into play, along with aches and pains including lower back pain and your flexibility decreases.


You are likely to be experiencing that your tried and tested fitness routine seems to be less effective, weight gain happens that is difficult to shift, and your clothes seems a little bit tighter for no apparent reason.  Sound familiar?


I specialise in the approaching 40 and 40+ market and at 46 years myself, I am aware and have experienced the Food and Fitness challenges and frustrations faced as we mature.

When working with clients I often see the same mistakes including:


Eating too little.


Eat 5 timers per day with 3 meals and 2 snacks.  Its not about how little you eat its about eating the right amounts of the right foods.  Too often I see women starving themselves in order to lose weight - it will not work in the long term.   if you are stuck for snack ideas try a handful of walnuts, a hardboiled egg, a handful of coconut.  Keep the food real , nothing packaged and keep the portion size to a palm-full.


Eating the wrong types of foods.


Eat out of the fridge and eat “Real” food.  Avoid anything that is packaged.  The best way to address this is to plan your week's meals in advance of shopping, that way you know you will only have food in the fridge that you should be eating and you will minimize the wastage.


Too much cardio.


Our muscle mass naturally deteriorates as we mature and our metabolism slows down, both of which contribute to weight gain.  Slow, long distances on a treadmill is not a good option for you and it's boring.  Try interval training at a High Intensity for 15 minutes instead.


Fear of being bulky.


Lifting weights will not make you bulky.  Women simply don't have the genetics to achieve this, but we do have the genetics to achieve tone and definition which not only looks great but means we can carry on burning calories even when we have left the gym and keeps our metabolism ticking over.


Addressing your food and fitness in the correct way for your age, gender, lifestyle and goals has significant benefits to both your body and mind.  The right food and fitness has the ability to minimise the negative effects of the menopause, increase you energy levels combating fatigue, increase clarity of thought, increase self-confidence and give you the tools to be Fit, Fabulous and Forty and the best version of yourself.


I am offering a Small Group Food and Fitness Challenge with me over a 5-week period starting on Sunday 23 September. 


Places are limited, so booking is required to secure your place by Sunday 16 September.


Sign up below and receive the following completely FREE:


Easy to follow “To do” List with strategies you can begin implementing today to help you to fit back into your favourite outfit at 40+


5 days of Food, Fitness and Well-being advice designed to support you to be the best version of you and Fit, Fabulous and Forty.


Need to know information about your Small Group Food and Fitness Challenge with details of times, locations, cost and what’s included.


Book your place on your Food and Fitness Small Group Challenge by contacting






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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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