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5 Things I have learnt on my Food and Fitness Journey.

September 2, 2018

It takes time and patience


We have all tried the last minute “Quick” fix in order to look good for a holiday or an event and given it 100% to then hit our goal and watch all the hard work fall apart.

Getting your food and fitness right takes time, you will often be learning new positive habits and habits aren’t formed overnight.  A habit = trigger, response and reward and often the response is the element that takes time to change.  Its important to look at your food and fitness together as often the response can be interlinked.


I need different approaches to my food and fitness at different times


I like working 1-1 with a professional as enjoy the attention, challenge and focus it gives me, I know that there is nowhere to hide and my form is being checked the entire time.  I like building the relationship with the professional and accessing their expertise.  In the same breath I also enjoy being in group class, its fun, its noisy and its stimulating but I need both and I like that I have the choice of what I want to access.  I believe there is room for everyone in the food and fitness industry and your journey may twist and turn and your needs change as you progress.


I feel so much better physically and emotionally when my Food and Fitness is consistent


My fitness has always been at a pretty good level and I would never say I have been unfit, but that becomes relative as where ever we are on our food and fitness journey there is always a starting point.  I know when I am not at the top of my game and I struggle emotionally.  If I slack off on something as simple as my hydration levels then I feel the effects pretty quickly.  If I have been travelling and not had access to resistance training, when I return to it after a couple of weeks it hurts.  It takes time to get in tune with your body but when you do its empowering as you address issues so much quicker and are pro-active to your body’s needs rather than re-active.

How I look is important to me


This may sound shallow, but I do care how I look and I want to look good for the age I am at 46 years old.  I love the emotional benefits I gain from living how I do but I know that if my food and fitness is on track I do look good.  This gives me confidence and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. 


It does get more challenging as you get older


I work hard and have always considered myself to have a strong work ethic but my fitness presents different challenges each year.  My recovery between sessions takes longer, I have to programme carefully and be mindful of my weekly programme overview and the impact each session will have.  I have to work harder on my flexibility and mobility as this does decrease as we age and I can feel this.  If I miss out parts of my warm up, mobility drills or cool down I know about it.  I embrace different approaches to my food and fitness and I am prepared to adapt as required and I know what I did 5 years ago doesn’t have the same impact today and nor will it in 5 years time. 


If you’d like the opportunity to work with me on a 1-1 and experience the physical and emotional benefits of getting your food and fitness aligned to give you the chance to be the best version of you contact:






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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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