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The Beginners guide to "Real" Food

Have you ever tried to improve your eating habits and given it 100% making a vast number of changes to then revert back to your old eating habits. Eating “Real” doesn’t have to be about drastic changes over night. Here’s three ideas that you can implement over a three week period that are sustainable and will have a positive impact on your body and mind.


My philosophy is that Food is to be enjoyed.  Taste and look and good and nourish your body so that you can be the best version of you.


As our "Food" has evolved over the centuries we have seen an increase in food related diseases with obesity being the main challenge of today.  If your "Food" is correct for the fitness schedule, you will feel energised, alert, focused and will perform better.  Physically you will look better, clothes will fit comfortably, skin and eyes will be bright, overall improving self-confidence.


It is a fact that you are unable to out train a poor "Food" plan, especially as we mature.  However well you are performing in your fitness sessions, if your "Food" is right then this will only serve to enhance your performance further and allow to achieve even more.


If you’d like to start eating “Real” food today here are 3 simple changes you can implement today.


Change One:


Drink 3-4 litres of water a day.  If you like fruit flavoured drinks change your usual cordial for slices of fresh strawberry, lime, orange, mint leaves and ginger.  Changing from processed cordial to fresh fruit flavours immediately reduces your refined sugar and increased your vitamin content.  Small changes go a long way to improve our overall health.


Change Two:

Include 3 vegetables of 3 different colours with your lunch and dinner.  Adding “Real” colourful vegetable sources to your lunch and evening meal increased your fibre consumption which is crucial for our gut health and, also acts to fill us up.  Prepare your vegetables and have pre-prepared choices in the fridge so they are an easy to go to option.  Vegetables are great sources of micro-nutrients which are incredibly beneficial to us as they help protect our bodies from disease and help every system in our bodies function properly.  The benefits to you as the 40+ woman include:


·       Helping with your metabolism

·       Help with your hormone production

·       Slowing oxidation damage or signs of aging caused by free radicals.

·       Allowing your muscles to move and help with your tissue repair


Change Three:


Eat out of the fridge.  This may seem so simple but if its not in the fridge its probably in the cupboard and when you look at the ingredients you’ll find quite a list.  Food is meant to be perishable and if it keeps for months, ask yourself “Is it real?”  Start stocking the fridge on your weekly shop and experience the difference.


If you’d like to get your Food and Fitness on track and experience how small changes have a big impact, sign up for my FREE 10 Day Food and Fitness on the Move Challenge and receive 10 days of Food and Fitness hints, tips and practical strategies.










Find out more about the benefits of cutting down refined on sugar below.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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